Application Areas

The Optonomy breakthrough LP technology combined with the state of the art Optonomy MILP solver gives a leap in performance in a number of application areas. Numerous industries such as telecommunications, finance, transportation and energy can benefit from the improved performance.

Some typical applications areas for which the Optonomy performance is exceptional are supply chain optimization, production planning and network flow optimization.

Supply Chain Optimization

Optonomy gives excellent performance on supply chain optimization problems.

The toughest supply chain optimization problems give rise to large MILP problems for which the LP relaxation can be difficult to solve. The new Optonomy LP technology makes light work of these problems with solution times in some cases hours faster than other solvers on the market today. Not only that, the Optonomy MILP solver has cutting planes and heuristics specially designed for supply chain models giving better quality solutions and closing the gaps faster on many instances.

Production Planning

From short term planning to long range planning and design, Optonomy provides the answer.

The speed of solution that the Optonomy technology brings allows models to be used for short term planning returning solutions in plenty of time to meet daily or weekly time schedules. Where optimization is currently being used, the Optonomy technology allows larger or more complex models to be solved. For longer term planning and design the size of models can be much larger but it is on these problems that the Optonomy technology really excels.

Network Optimization

Speed of solution can be vital when solving network optimization problems.

Many industries, such as telecommunications, finance, transportation, energy and many more, have large networks for which optimization is perfectly suited to finding solutions to the large number of operational decisions which have to be made. Speed of solution can be vital and the Optonomy LP technology provides the fastest way to solve many network flow problems giving our customers a competitive advantage. For network design problems the Optonomy MILP solver provides the ideal solution technology.