About Optonomy

Optonomy was set up to develop high quality optimization software and is dedicated to providing industry leading optimization solutions for our customers. The solution technology required to solve our customers' hardest problems is very complex and can only be supplied by a company with in-depth knowledge of optimization. Also, as optimization technology improves the demand to solve larger and harder problems inevitably increases. Our aim is to provide fast and stable optimization solvers and to provide continual improvements to these solvers to keep pace with our customers needs. We have two main products: a linear programming (LP) solver and a Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) solver.

Optonomy LP solvers - a breakthrough technology

The Optonomy LP solver delivers a breakthrough in performance as a result of major technological developments to the underlying algorithms.

These novel developments not only provide extremely fast speed of solution, they provide the stability and robustness required to solve some of the most numerically unstable LP problems. Benchmarks are showing the Optonomy LP solver delivering huge reductions in solution times on real world problems.

Optonomy MILP solvers - state of the art parallel solvers

The MILP solver is a parallel branch-and-bound solver with state of the art cutting planes and advanced heuristics to speed up the solution process.

A sophisticated presolve procedure reduces the size of the problem and tightens the formulation to improve performance. Using the Optonomy LP technology to solve the underlying linear models ensures fast node to node re-optimization.

Optonomy is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Windows and Linux. An easy to use C interface allows Optonomy to be embedded easily into applications.

The Optonomy difference

Optonomy is primarily a technology company licensing our software technology to software suppliers who require an optimization solution capability.

The Optonomy solvers have been designed to solve large scale real world problems and give outstanding performance on many diiferent models. In particular the performance on supply chain models has been shown to be outstanding. The Optonomy LP technology gives a breakthrough in perfomance giving our customers a competitive advantage.

As a company devoted solely to developing optimization software we can work closely with our customers to provide advice on the implemation of our optimization solutions. Optimization is a complex area and advice on the implementation of the technology can lead to great improvements to the performance in terms of speed and stability.

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